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4 Sports on 11 Courts

The Racquet Club gives residents of Ocean Hills Country Club the opportunity to actively participate, at any level, in the four sports we represent to promote exercise, fitness, friendships, camaraderie, sportsmanship and competition among like-minded physically and socially active seniors.  Our sports include badminton, paddle tennis, pickleball and tennis.

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About Us

Four sports promote fitness, friendship

More than 400 Ocean Hills Country Club residents are Racquet Club members. Meet residents who enjoy all levels of play, but share two things in common - the joys of fitness and friendship! We play on eleven courts seven days a week in our village, see court map below. Learn more about the club by reading the Charter and By-Laws. For court schedules including drop-in and open play times go to our Play Times page.

Facilities are for OHCC residents and their guests only - these are not public facilities.

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Membership Meeting Recap

Find out about the latest report outs by the sports committees and business decisions approved by the Racquet Club Board

Treasurer's Report

Your dues at work and play. Click below to read the most recent report.

President's Message

Recipe for a FUN 2023.

Ball on Tennis Court
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Meet the team

Racquet Club Board

President - Bob James  

Vice President - Ann Rike 

Secretary - Lorraine Novellino

Treasurer - Sid Saltzman 

Board Members at large

  • Carol Ann Ferrol

  • John Gildner 

  • Donna Ryan

  • Dannica Wood



  • Cliff Singh

  • Kannan Dan ​

Paddle Tennis

  • Dannica Wood 

  • Sue Petersen

  • Bill McGrath


  • Harvey Bernstein - Chair  

  • Jeannine Ferrari

  • Gary Forsberg

  • Allison Womack

Pickleball Instruction​

  • Mike Hoggatt

  • David Levine

  • Herb Livsey


  • David Johnson 

  • Greg Smith



  • Sharon Sorensen   


  • Sue Petersen

Tournaments and Court Events

  • John Gildner & Felicity Swerdlow​

Game Day​

  • Donna Ryan

Men's Pickleball Tournament​

  • Michelle Gamble & Rubina Martinez

Inspiration Games (Women's Pickleball Tournament)​

  • John Pashkowsky & Royce Sheetz

Mixed Doubles Pickleball Tournament​

  • TBA

Pickleball Dinking Competition​

  • John & Bin Crow

Summer Special Event​

  • Lori Smith & Linda Cripe


  • Paige James & Darla Haubner​


  • Webmaster - Tim Griffin

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Ball on Tennis Court

2023 Calendar

Meetings and Special Events

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Join Us


Racquet Club Members must be residents of Ocean Hills Country Club. Facilities are for residents only and their guests - these are not public courts.

New Racquet Club members are welcome at any time during the year. Questions? Contact Membership Chair Sharon Sorensen. To become a member download the form below. Renewing members may use the same form. 

2023 dues are $15 per member. 

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Contact Us

Questions & Suggestions? Email Us.

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Racquet Club Help Desk

Send Feedback and Questions

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